Sex and Technology: an equation worth solving

Technology has changed impeccably over the past few years. It is easy to overlook the impact that technology has on the world we live in because, it is now a part of our everyday lives. We look to technology to fulfill our everyday needs. These needs can range from anything between entertainment needs to informing us on current events. Sometimes, we overlook how great of an impact technology can have on our lives. But when does the situation shift from a ‘great’ impact to a potentially ‘detrimental’ impact?

Sexuality is a touchy subject in our society. Although we love to pretend like sexuality is full of preferences and choices, it really is about self-identity and no options. So where does technology come in? We use our phones to send sexualized photos to our Instagram accounts and we also use the ‘like’ and ‘thumbs down’ feature on Facebook to share our opinions on Supreme Court decisions regarding same-sex marriage.

Credit: Netflix

There are television shows that people watch that have story-lines entangled with lesbian love scenes and bisexual love affairs. When we see these concepts on television, we not only get accustomed to these concepts, we also internalize the standards that the media sets for these concepts as well. Orange is the New Black is a television show that involves many aspects of sexuality. Oh, and get this! You can only watch it if you have a subscription to this website called ‘Netflix’ because it’s one of their originals. So, all your friends are talking about this cool new show that involves a sexy lesbian who loves her husband and her girlfriend from her criminalized past and you can only watch it online. You’re practically obligated to be a part of this world. Unless you don’t mind being the odd ball out.

Twitter has created a #hashtag movement that everyone has used at least once in their life. Activism is a large part of our society because, everything is changing. Technology gives us more evidence to police brutality and a platform to share it on. As a society, we would love to stand up for things that we believe in. Gay marriage is normalizing and trans-gender use of bathroom laws are evolving as well. Social movements are easy to be a part of on Twitter because, you can just #BLACKLIVESMATER and stand up for your belief in equality among all races. Everything that we believe in has a hashtag. On the off chance that the hashtag does not exist, you can just create the hashtag yourself and start your own movement. Technology has changed the way we perceive these concepts and it has also changed how quickly we have access to these concepts as well.


There are pros and cons to the anything. The advancement of technology definitely has had a positive impact on our lives. However, it definitely has had a negative impact as well. Technology provides us with a platform to express our emotions towards the touchy subject of sexuality. We utilize social media platforms and apps to discriminate against members of the LGB community. At times, we create discrimination’s against specific concepts like body image and relationship norms in the gay community.

Technology advances have aided us in great successful strides. But at what cost? The limitations in the technology world are quite slim and we tend to take advantage of that.  Even though every American is guaranteed an opinion in our democracy, we do not always share them in respectful or considerate ways. At times, we may take matters into our own hands and take things a little too far. Highly offensive statements are made everyday and the advancement of technology gives us a platform to share our high offensive statements with our friends and family members. Social media is a part of our everyday lives and it influences our lives unconsciously.


As our world advances and our social norms bloom, we must remember that we are all adjusting to a beautiful change. We must also remember that change requires patience and faith. It is crucial to consider other people’s emotions because, their life can depend on the way you decide to voice your unfriendly opinion on Facebook. Technology influences our lives on levels we fail to recognize. Make a mental note today, to think twice about the comments you make online regarding sensitive topics like sexuality.


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