NJA$: “The Meaning is more than the Money”

NJA$: “The Meaning is more than the Money”

What is NJA$?

I created a visual and informative campaigned called “Not Just A $ign” (NJA$). The mission statement of the campaign is: A campaign aimed at recognizing the culture, ideas, images, portrayals, products, services, and talents of minority groups as more than just a commodity. The reason I chose to do a campaign like this is because society says the white, able-bodied, straight, well-off, cis gender male is the most superior form of a person (hegemonic masculinity). Anybody who does not fall into one of those identities is considered a minority. These minorities are usually oppressed and their culture and ideas are not appreciated unless society monetizes them. But these people and their culture, portrayals, images, ideas, products, services, and talents have a meaning and an impact that is beyond commodification. Because of this fact, the slogan of the campaign is, “The Meaning is more than the Money.” Through NJA$ want to display what these different things mean and how these different identities intersect. I did not want to focus on one type of minority because we all deserve recognition and they all intersect at one point in time. I just want to celebrate these people and what they bring to the table. It is important to know the history and the concepts that go along with minority groups and their marginalization so that we can push to be better represented and respected. We are not disposable. We are humans and our existence and our impact matters. 

NJA$ Visually

I wanted the visuals for NJA$ to be about the words and the meaning. The focal point of all the visuals is the name of the campaign. The colors for the campaign are red, green, black, and white. The two standout colors (red and green) push the meaning of the campaign. The red stands for the urgency to stop (simply looking at these things as commodities), but it also stands for the power, passion, and love that these minorities represent. The green is symbolic of the money that this campaign is centered around invalidating. All of the content of NJA$ will have these colors and the same font.

Social Media

NJA$ has a Twitter and Instagram account (@NJA$) that will be the heart of the campaign. The pages are visually similar and will have the same content. The hashtag #BeyondASign will be placed on every post. These pages will be a place to show the meaning and explain why that certain topic is not just a sign. I will display quotes and history about people, products, and ideas and explain why it is about more than money and what impact it has. For example, I created a post with a quote from Laverne Cox. She is speaking on why it is important to have a variety of trans people represented on television. The picture just contains a quote, but the caption of the picture goes into detail about why including trans people is not just a business decision. Including trans people is trans visibility and empowerment. It breaks down the stereotypes and allows cis gender people to see there is not one way to be trans. These type of post will be the center of the campaign and informing people on how all of these things are more than the money.

The Future of NJA$

I hope to expand this campaign pass social media and get people involved so that we can fight for minorities not to be used as a money-maker but to be appreciated as people and innovators. I plan to create shirts and bands to sell and give out to promote the brand. They will have the name of the campaign and the hash tag. I want this campaign to go beyond just me and to have other people creating content showing why something that inspires them is not just a sign.

About The Author

Destiny Johnson

My name is Destiny Johnson. I am a 21-year-old senior at Louisiana State University. I am majoring in mass communication with a concentration in public relations, and I am minoring in business administration. Originally, I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, but I have resided in the Baton Rouge area for the past 11 years. I have a true interest in the art and business side of the entertainment industry and also in pop culture as a whole. With my degree I aspire to be an entertainment publicist and manager for many artists, athletes, actors, and other celebrities. I want to help them build an impeccable brand and uphold a positive image in the media. I also dream to become part of the public relations team for an international sportswear/lifestyle brand. I have been dancing since the age of three, and I am currently a hip-hop dance teacher and a part of the Legacy Dance Crew. I am pursuing a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and creative director. I want to dance and be the creative mind on tours, movies, television shows, awards shows, and many other events. I plan to become a true force in the entertainment world with my knowledge and my talents.